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世界杯摩洛哥vs克罗地亚欧赔蒙哥马利学院提供副学士学位和证书。副学士学位要求完成60- 70学分的课程组合(一般约20门课程)。证书是一个较短的项目(至少12个学分),侧重于特定技能的发展。

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If you are undecided as to which specific program will best suit your career or transfer needs, explore theFields of Study (FOS).

Some degrees and certificates are labeled asdesignatedstatewide programs. The Maryland Higher Education Commission designates some community college programs as statewide programs. A student may enroll in any of these programs at the same rates as in-county residents if the program is not offered by their local community college or if the student cannot enroll due to an enrollment limit.


*Program offers some fully online degree or certificate (see all fully online degrees)
^Program offers some degrees available as a Z-Degree - no textbook purchases required (see all Z-degrees)

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*Available as a fully online degree (see all fully online degrees)
^Available as a Z-Degree - no textbook purchases required (see all Z-degrees)

Types of Degrees/Certificate MC Offers

Definitions of Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Applied Science, and Certificate.

Associate of Arts

MC offers 22 AA degrees recognizing mastery in the liberal and fine arts and is intended for transfer to equivalent bachelor of arts programs at four-year schools.

Associate of Science

MC offers 22 AS degrees recognizing mastery in science or technology and is intended for transfer to bachelor of science programs at four-year institutions.

Associate of Arts in Teaching

MC offers seven AAT degrees recognizing mastery in a core of professional education coursework and fieldwork consistent with the first two years of teacher preparation.

Associate of Fine Arts

MC offers two AFA degrees (graphic design and studio art) recognizing mastery in the professional arts by those planning to transfer to a BFA program.

Associate of Applied Science

MC offers 39 AAS degrees recognizing mastery of vocational-technical occupational skills and intended for those seeking immediate employment opportunities.


MC offers 64 certificate programs recognizing successful completion of a sequence of courses (a minimum of 12 credits) that focus on the development of specific technical skills.

Professional Licensure at MC

MC offers certificates and licenses in numerous fields.

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