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Academic Programs & Courses

Academic Programs & Courses

As a student, you'll find the support, guidance, education, and opportunities to be inspired and be empowered.


世界杯摩洛哥vs克罗地亚欧赔蒙哥马利学院严谨的学术课程旨在吸引、激励和帮助你实现梦想。MC offers thousands of challenging classes across a wide variety of credit and noncredit programs.

Class Schedules and Vaccine Requirements

We’re offering in-person and online options forclassesandstudent services.View vaccine requirements.

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Programs, Majors, and Degrees

Explore all the degrees, programs of study, and classes that MC has to offer.

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Fully Online Degrees

We offer several fully online degrees: business, computer science and technologies, criminal justice, early childhood education, and general studies. Credit and noncredit options are available.

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Enrichment and Business Training


Noncredit Programs

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Credit Programs and Courses
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Noncredit (WDCE) Programs and Courses
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Special Features and Opportunities

  • Apprenticeship Programs: Find training and apprenticeship programs in building, construction, automotive, and other trades. MC is a member of the Registered Apprenticeship-College Consortium.
  • Academic Internships: Earn credits while gaining on-the-job experience through the Cooperative Education and Internships Program.
  • Youth Programs: These courses range from art and music to math and science. Browse through dozens of fun and engaging classes for children and teens.

Honors, Scholars, and Entrepreneurial Programs

世界杯摩洛哥vs克罗地亚欧赔蒙哥马利学院的荣誉、学者和创业项目为学生创造了令人兴奋和学术回报的经验。他们允许学生通过课程、研讨会、独立学习、实习、服务学习机会以及社会和文化活动来发现他们的天赋和兴趣。Find out moreabout the general honors programs at MC.

Renaissance Scholars, The Scholars Circle & Montgomery Scholars
Renaissance Scholars, Montgomery Scholars, and The Scholars Circle

The Renaissance Scholars and Montgomery Scholars Programs are selective-admissions honors programs. The Scholars Circle allows high-achieving students to design their own honors curriculum.

Macklin Business Institute
Macklin Business Institute

The Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Business Institute is a competitive, college-wide program. It offers business students the chance to pursue honors work in business, economics, and accounting.

Hillman Entrepreneurs
Southern Management Leadership Program

The Southern Management Leadership Program is a three-year scholarship and educational program. It supports, develops, and graduates ethical leaders who want to energize and give back to their local communities. Students complete their associate's degree at MC and their bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Support Programs and Learning Centers

Collegewide Academic Support Programs

Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) is a collaborative effort between MC, MCPS, and the Universities at Shady Grove. It provides a seamless path to a bachelor's degree. ATPA is our Achieving the Promise Academy. This collegewide academic program keeps students on track to complete their degrees.

Mentoring Network
Mentoring Programs

一个导师——一个同龄人,一个老师,一个工作人员——可以提供支持和指导,帮助你在MC和以后取得成功。Find out about the Peer Mentoring Program, Boys to Men (BTM), Sister 2 Sister, and more.

Academic Learning Centers
Tutoring/Learning Centers

Academic learning centers are located on each campus. They offer tutoring, workshops, technology access, review sessions, and other services and support. All of this helps students meet the rigors of academic coursework.

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What People are Saying

It makes me incredibly proud and grateful to be at an institution that thrives on diversity and inclusivity, especially diversity of ideas and inclusive approaches to solving problems.

Dr. Sanjay Rai, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs | Read More