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Office of the President

Office of the President

Montgomery College is honored to welcome Dr. Jermaine F. Williams as its 11th President.

Dr. Williams joins Anne M. Khademian, the Executive Director at the Universities at Shady Grove, on her podcast "This is USG," to discuss his leadership philosophy, and to share some of the priorities and opportunities ahead for MC.

Dr. Jermaine F. Williams became the president of Montgomery College on February 28, 2022.The Montgomery College Board of Trustees has formed aPresidential Transition Advisory Committee (PTAC)to assist Dr. Williams in his role as the new College president.

Dr. Williams’ work in higher education has focused his energies on improving access for students, as well as retention, graduation, and post-completion success. He has paid special attention to mitigating institutional societal and racial inequities, strategically creating programs and policies that support historically underrepresented and/or marginalized groups. He has years of experience designing, managing, and enhancing institutional and statewide programs and initiatives that have yielded positive student outcomes.

Dr. Williams has been widely lauded for his inclusive leadership style and for building teams that create strategic programing and policies to improve student outcomes. His professional approach to student success is deeply rooted in equity-minded systems and data-informed analysis. Dr. Williams’ view of higher education as a public good informs his personal passion about enhancing access, completion, and post-completion success, goals that are shared across Montgomery College.Read more about Dr. Williams.

Read a welcome message from Dr. Williams(PDF,Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.).

Read about ourFY22 Priorities Progress Report(PDF,Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.).

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Presidential Transition Advisory Committee (PTAC)
The Montgomery College Board of Trustees has formed a Presidential Transition Advisory Committee (PTAC) to assist Dr. Jermaine F. Williams in his role as the new College president.
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Review the College's strategic planning vision,Strategic Plan 2025. You can also preview the College's strategic planning vision for the next five years.
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The MC Student Success Score Card is a set of indicators that tracks student achievement.
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Event details and archived videos of the president's annual address.

Past MC Presidents

Presidents are listed by year of service at Montgomery College:

  • Hugh G. Price | 1946-1953
  • Dr. Donald E. Deyo | 1953-1965
  • Dr. George A. Hodson, Jr. | 1965-1966
  • Dr. William C. Strasser | 1966 - 1979
  • Dr. Robert E. Parilla | 1979 - 1999
  • Dr. Charlene R. Nunley (Gold Medallion) | 1999 - 2007
  • Dr. Brian K. Johnson | 2007 - 2009
  • Dr. Hercules Pinkney (Gold Medallion) | 2009 - 2010
  • Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard (Gold Medallion) | 2010–2021
  • Dr. Charlene Dukes (Interim) | 2021-2022

(Awarded by the Board of the Trustees, the Gold Medallion recognizes exceptional service and nationally recognized presidential leadership in higher education.)