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Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Serve. Share. Learn. Opportunities in and out of the classroom for you to make a difference.
Students outdoors

MC’s Service-Learning Program(PDF,获取adobeacrobatpdf Reader。-Link在新窗口中打开。)engages students, faculty, and community organizations in meaningful, collaborative, and mutually beneficial projects. Students may serve as part of their academic coursework or as a co-curricular activity.

Through service learning, MC students meet new people, learn new skills, and make a difference for a day, a week, or a semester.

We support MC’s goal to foster community building, civic responsibility, and intercultural understanding by working to enrich the life of the community, serve as a place for neutral public dialog, and advance social justice.

Brian Naves delivering a Nourish Now Hunger Relief Kit

Find a Service-Learning Project

Explore our collegewide programs below, and visit theMC Serves Databasenew windowfor more opportunities. Visit theMontgomery County Volunteer Centernew windowfor county-wide opportunities.

Learn and serve with local organizations for a day with other MC students. Past Spirit of Service Days have included Good Deeds Day, MLK Day of Service, Accenture Day of Service, annual Earth Day clean-ups, and Homeless Resource Day.

无论你是一个正式的志愿者,社区服务的新手,还是想计划一天服务的俱乐部的一员,我们希望你加入我们的网络,并将服务精神传播到各地。Join the MC Serves team on GivePulse to get involved.

Students in the Manna Food Bank

More than 35 percent of public school students are eligible for free or reduced meals during the school week. Smart Sacks bridge the gap between Friday and Monday, providing nutritious foods for children and their families who might not have another meal until after the weekend.

Montgomery College's Offices of Student Life and Service-Learning Program currently support the following schools:

  • Germantown: Fox Chapel Elementary School
  • Rockville: Beal Elementary School
  • Takoma Park/Silver Spring: Broad Acres Elementary School

Through Manna Food, Montgomery College students on all three campuses help over a hundred children every week.

Manna Food Smart Sacks packing will resume when in-person student activities resume.


Previous Career Pathways in Service Days have included Mental Health First Aid Certifications, an Environmental Science Field Day with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Opioid & Substance Abuse Training with the Montgomery County Health and Human Services.

Applications for these unique service days will be shared via Student Life social media and text as they become available.

Want to meet new people? Get away for a while? Travel to new places? Make a difference? Join other MC students on a week or weekend packed with community service, meaningful reflections, and fun activities.

Alternative Break service trips help students learn about social issues through direct service, issue education, and reflection. Students explore critical community issues and how they can make a difference in the local or global community.

Applications will be shared via Student Life social media and text as they become available.

Impact MC(PDF,获取adobeacrobatpdf Reader。-Link在新窗口中打开。)是一个服务学习领导力发展项目,旨在帮助学生成为MC和我们周围社区的变革推动者。在这个为期一年的领导力发展项目中,学生们以团队的形式与其他MC学生一起参与与联合国全球可持续发展目标相关的服务、意识和倡导项目。每年的夏季到初秋都可以申请。

Interested?Fill out this formnew windowand we’ll email you when the application opens!

Volunteer, Track Your Hours, and Earn Awards

TheMC Serves Databasenew windowis a tool to track your hours and earn awards. Some volunteer opportunities are listed on this database while others are best found on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center database (listed above.)

To sign up for existing opportunities: (Top Tab)

  • Once logged in to theMC Serves Databasenew window, click the “Needs” button on the left panel
  • Complete the waiver
  • Search and register for opportunities
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the MC Serves Database, check out our resources under “Find a Service-Learning Project”

Already volunteering? Track your hours in MC Serves to win awards.

  1. Log into MC Serves using the black “MC VOLUNTEERS LOGIN HERE” button
  2. Click the dropdown on the top right corner near your profile
  3. Click “Track Hours”
  4. Input all information and click “Submit Hour Entry”
What to Record

Record Your Hours Spent:

  • Performing any activity assigned to you by your community partner
  • Creating products as directed by a community partner, e.g. grants, brochures, website
  • Performing any activity directly related to the outcome of your service project, like making flyers for a fundraiser you are helping to plan
  • Planning, researching, or preparing for activities, when necessary to complete assigned tasks or as directed by an community partner
  • Undergoing training or orientation activities, when hosted by a community partner or related organization (e.g., CPR training by the Red Cross for an assisted living center)
  • Planning projects with a community partner by remote or in-person meetings

Do NOT Record Hours Spent:

  • Traveling to/from a service site, unless with clients or the organization as part of a related activity, e.g. a tour that is part of an orientation, training meant to prepare you to do the service task, supervising school children on a bus to a service site
  • Sleeping, i.e. when staying overnight at a service site
  • Performing work for a political candidate or political party
  • Proselytizing for a particular religion
  • Eating, unless as part of an assigned activity, e.g. at a meeting or event
  • Contacting community organizations when arranging an initial partnership
  • Research done on your own to enhance your knowledge or understanding of the partner
    Reflection activities, assigned or otherwise, e.g. journaling, making class presentations, writing class research papers

Service awards are given annually for hours served between May 1 and April 30. Share your service in theMC Serves Databaseto be considered for the following MC Service Awards:

  • Spirit of Service Certificate (20-99 hours)
  • MC Spirit of Service Medallion (100+ hours)
  • If eligible, the U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award (100+ hours)
  • Outstanding Service Leader

Applications for the President's Volunteer Service Award may be submitted year round.Learn more about PVSA and apply here.(PDF,获取adobeacrobatpdf Reader。-Link在新窗口中打开。)


Resources for Faculty

The Service-Learning program can help you integrate academic service-learning projects into your courses.

Academic Service-learning is:

  • A teaching method through which students apply their academic learning to address community needs through service. Learning takes place when students reflect on their service experience and connect their service to their coursework.
  • A high impact approach linked to higher GPAs, increased student retention, and enhanced civic engagement.
  • A form of active learning that values critical thinking and problem solving.
  • A great hands-on experience for students in any discipline.
  • 服务学习可以作为一个完整的班级项目,以小组或独立的方式进行。最重要的是,学生应该能够将他们的学习与课程目标联系起来。
Support Available for Academic Service-Learning

Before the Semester:

  • Training for faculty and support staff.
  • Curriculum design or re-design to incorporate service-learning.
  • Assignment design or re-design to incorporate service-learning.
  • Providing reflection resources.
  • Connecting to community partners.
  • 有限的财政和后勤支持。
  • Connecting a class to an existing day of service or, in some cases, coordinating a day of service.

During and After the Semester:

  • 支持教师助理员。
  • As available, service-learning coordinators attend class to support service-learning projects or share expertise.
  • Evaluate select projects.
  • Recognize and share exemplar projects.
  • Note: Given the service-learning staffing limitations and research about impactful service-learning , very limited support is available for connecting students to individual academic service projects or verifying academic service hours in GivePulse. Please review the Process to Access Service-Learning Support and speak to a service-learning coordinator before assigning individual service placements.

To get started,submit a request for supportnew window.

View theProcess to Access Service-Learning Supportnew window.

Submit an updatedProject Plannew windowat the start of each semester. Submission of this plan is necessary for your class to be updated in GivePulse and for you to be considered for independent evaluation.

View this list ofAcademic Service-Learning Opportunities for Classes or Groups(PDF,获取adobeacrobatpdf Reader。-Link在新窗口中打开。),定期更新。

Resources for Community Organizations

Information for nonprofits, schools, and government agencies interested in partnering with the College.

Are you a nonprofit, school, or government agency interested in partnering with the College? Do you have an established volunteer program or need support for a particular project? We can help you connect with service-learning courses, student clubs and organizations, and independent student volunteers.

We also offer opportunities to recruit volunteers at networking events and our fall and spring semester Volunteer Fairs.