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How to Register for Classes

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Follow the steps below to register for credit classes at Montgomery College. (To register for noncredit WDCE classes, seeNoncredit Course Offerings and Schedule Information.)

New Students

If you’re new to MC, you’ll need to complete the admissions application and other steps before registering. SeeGetting Started: How to Apply and Registerfor a step-by-step guide to becoming an MC student. Once you have completed the enrollment process, you can follow the registration steps for current and returning students below.

Current and Returning Students

If you’re already a student at MC,log into MyMCnew window. Keep this page open in a separate tab or window to walk you through the process. (If you're having trouble logging into MyMC, contact theIT Service Desk. If you haven’t taken a class in the last four years, you’ll need toReactivate Your Student Accountbefore you can log in.)

Once you’re logged in to MyMC, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Registration” at the top of the page.

  2. Click the icon that says “Register for Classes.”

  3. 在下拉菜单中,选择要注册的术语。点击“提交。"

  4. 在页面的底部,你会看到下面有方框的“添加类工作表”。
    • 如果您知道您想要参加的课程的CRN(5位数字的课程注册号码),请在框中输入并点击“提交更改”。通过这种方式,您可以一次添加多个类。
    • If you do NOT know the CRNs of the classes you want to take, click "Class Search."

  5. The next screen shows a list of course subjects. You can either:
    • Select a subject here and click "Course Search" to see all courses in that subject
    • Click "Advanced Search" for more search options (campus, start date, course type, day/time, etc.)

  6. On the Advanced Search page, choose your course subject and any other search options you would like. Click "Section Search."

  7. 下一个屏幕显示课程搜索结果。如果你没有看到任何结果,回到高级搜索并选择不同的选项。Click the checkbox next to the class you want to register for. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Register." You should now be registered for the class.
    • 您想要的类没有复选框?You will see one of the following instead:
      • "C" means the class is closed
      • "NR" means that online registration is no longer available
      • "SR" means you need to reactivate your student account
    • Errors or problems registering? You either have a hold on your account or are encountering a registration add error. SeeRegistration Helpto find out what to do.
    • If a class you want to take is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist. SeeWaitlist Informationfor details.

  8. Once you have added all the classes you want to take, click on the red “Pay for Classes and Complete Registration” link at the bottom of the page. This page will show the total tuition and fees you owe.

  9. Tuition and fees are due immediately after registering!Pay your bill or make payment arrangements by the deadline or your class registrations will be dropped.
    • Go to MyMCnew windowto pay your bill or set up a payment plan.
    • 如果你获得了经济援助,请与经济援助办公室联系,确保你的费用得到了支付。
    • SeePayment Options for Credit Coursesfor complete payment options and instructions.

Priority Registration


On-Time Payment

You must pay (or make payment arrangements) right after registering!

Payment deadlinesare based on the time of registration. Once you've registered for a class, you must pay your bill or make payment arrangements before the next payment deadline. If you don't, your course registrations will be dropped for nonpayment.

On-Time Registration

You must register for a class before it begins.You can register online through MyMC until 11:59 p.m. the day before the class starts. After this time, you may still register for a class the same day it begins, as long as you register before the class start time. To do so, complete aRegistration/Schedule Change Form(PDF,Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)and email it to the campus registrar on your campus.

Very few. Under limited circumstances, students are allowed to change or add courses after the class has begun. Exceptions will be granted and approved by the Dean or designated Department Chair for the discipline in consultation with the course instructor.

  • If you are assessed by the instructor or the department and it is determined that you need to be assigned to a different course, you will need documentation of the new assessment and approval from the department chair.
  • 如果学院取消你的课程的时间太晚,你需要再加一节课,你需要得到系主任的批准。
  • If there is a documented registration error by the College, you will need approval from the campus registrar, followed by approval from the department chair.
  • If you have a documented medical emergency that prohibited you from registering online or in person prior to the start of the class, you will need documentation of the medical emergency and approval from the campus registrar, followed by approval from the department chair.
  • If you registered on time, attended the course, but were dropped from the course for reasons other than listed above, you will need approval from the department chair.
系主任和系主任在与班级教师协商后,将批准以下例外情况:增加/取消课程、评估和取消课程。TheOffice of Records and Registrationwill assist you with exceptions relating to College Error and Medical. The approver for these two exceptions is the campus registrar.

Do not go to the class and ask the professor. Your appeal for a registration exception must be reviewed and approved by the campus registrar and/or the appropriate dean or department chair.

The campus registrar and/or deans or department chairs provide the approval for registration exceptions. Deans and Chairs work with faculty to determine if space is available in classes, and if students can make up the work they missed from registering late.

More Information

Important Dates

Summer Sessions 2022
  • Registration open now.
  • May 31, 2022: Summer I classes began.
  • 2022年6月21日:仲夏课程开始。
  • July 11, 2022: Summer II classes began.
Fall 2022
Winter 2023
  • December 19, 2022: Winter Session classes begin.
  • January 20, 2023: Winter session classes end.
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